Magic Chef MCIM22TS Ice Maker Stainless Review

Many Magic Chef Ice Maker reviews are raving about this product, but what is the buzz all about?
This portable mini ice maker is on a class of its own. This ergonomically designed ice maker has flexible features that add to the convenience, making it worth every cent. As it comes from one of the leading kitchen appliance manufacturers in the US, consumers are guaranteed with incredible performance matched with durability that lasts for years. Like all other brands though, Magic Chef MCIM22TS also has some hiccups although they will hardly bother you.Let this Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker review take you through a total rundown of its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Plastic casingMagic-Chef-MCIM22TS-Ice-Maker-Stainless-Review
Plastic isn’t the best casing material out there, but it definitely adds durability while keeping weight to a minimum. In fact, most small kitchen appliances are made of plastic.

2. High ice-making capacity
It allows you to make 27 pounds of ice within 24 hours, which means it’s unlikely for you to run out of ice even during holidays and other special occasions. It’s actually more than half of what larger undercounter ice makers can produce, which are normally five times more expensive than Magic Chef’s offering.

3. Fast ice-making time
Every cycle only takes seven minutes to finish. Each batch has nine cubes, so the entire family can enjoy a continuous supply even during busy days. The water is also to be refilled only when the whole tank is empty and not before every cycle.

4. Bigger storage capacity
You can store up to four pounds of ice cubes, which is quite a feat especially when most of other ice makers of the same price have smaller capacities. Some cheaper ones don’t have an ice storage box to begin with since portable ice makers are not really meant for storage.

5. Easy-to-use digital control panel
The touchpad panel composed of just the necessary buttons is easy to use, even for kids. It alerts the user when the water tank already needs to be refilled and when the ice bin has reached its limit.

6. Exterior drain system
Draining is a simple two step process of removing and emptying. It doesn’t get any easier than that. It should also be noted that some portable ice makers of the same price don’t have a removable exterior drain system at all.

7. Three-ice-cube-size feature
The regular ice cube size doesn’t fit all glasses, especially stem wares. To make the ice more flexible for all occasions, Magic Chef MCIM22TS gives users an option to make ice cubes in three different sizes.

8. Easy to carry
As it is portable, it can be placed on your countertop or anywhere with electric outlet for temporary outdoor use.

9. Low price
For its capacity, the $179 price tag is definitely a bargain. What’s even better is that if you will buy this product from Amazon, you’ll only pay $139 and still get free shipping. Many Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker reviews from Amazon customers can also help you learn more about this product.


1. Noisier operationSunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker Review 2
Many portable ice makers run quieter. However, do remember that it’s considered more heavy-duty than others.

2. No direct water line connection
You have to refill the tank whenever it goes empty. Refilling is easy though since you only have to pull out the tank and pour water.

3. Inconsistent cycle time during “busy days”
You may need to let it rest for a while when it’s constantly used during special occasions. However, this is quite normal even for larger ice makers.

This Magic Chef Ice Maker review highly recommends this product because it is convenient and practical, especially for those on a tight budget.

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