Whynter IMC-491DC Portable Ice Maker Review

This Whynter Ice Maker review will give you a complete rundown of the machine’s pros and cons, and explain why it is among the best portable ice makers today.


1. No drain systemWhynter IMC-491DC Portable Ice Maker Review
Many Whynter Portable Ice Maker reviews highly commend the no drain system because it reuses melted ice automatically after filtering the water. It doesn’t only save you time and energy, but it also allows you to enjoy a continuous yield without having to do anything.

2. High ice-making capacity
Consumers rarely get a 49-pound ice making capacity per day for less than $300. Not even the top selling brands offer something like that. Many brands in the $300-$400 price range only offer 35 to 47 pounds of yield, so this is definitely a big advantage.

3. Bullet-shaped ice cubes
Most consumers don’t really care what shape the ice cubes take, but party animals and classy social drinkers know that bullet is the best shape for fast chilling. It fits even the slimmest stem wares and is safe even on thin glass.

4. Three-ice-cube-size feature
It makes ice cubes in small, medium, and large sizes—perfect for the entire family whether it is needed for chilling, smoothies, or liquors. You can make separate batches for different needs, which is usually the case for parties.

5. Optional direct water feed
This is a unique feature that many Whynter Portable Ice Maker reviews rave about. Aside from the fact that it’s a rare feature for a portable ice maker, it also makes water refilling easier for whatever purpose this appliance is meant for.
Manually refill the water tank when you use it in the office, RV, boat, or outdoors. Connect the direct water feed to a permanent line if you’re planning to use it solely for home use. Use it either way you like but still enjoy the convenience.

6. Five-liter water reservoir
This capacity is quite high for a portable ice maker. On regular days, you may no longer need to refill as the reserve is enough for a whole-day’s use. On special occasions, you’ll only have to refill it every few hours or so. It saves times, which means less hassle for the user.

7. Stainless steel case
It’s actually quite surprising to find a pure stainless steel ice maker for less than $300 because similar appliances made with the same material normally cost at least $500. Having stainless steel for a case means it’s expected to last longer than ordinary portable ice makers and give users an easy time in cleaning. The sleek and edgy finish also makes it a perfect addition to modern homes.

8. LED display with soft-touch panel
The display indicates when the ice is ready for scooping and when the reservoir needs to be refilled. The soft-touch panel is also easy to use because it only contains three buttons.

9. CFC-free processor
It’s safe and energy efficient. Your entire family is guaranteed safe even when this appliance is damaged after a few years.

10. Self-cleaning mode
Cleaning is only minimal as aside from the no-drain system, it also gives optional side draining with just a push of a button.

11. On/Off timer
There is no need to wake up early or set it manually all the time just to have fresh ice cubes. The timer can be set up to 18 hours in advance and 30 minutes at the least.


1. A 12-ice cube yield every 10 to 15 minutesWhynter IMC-491DC Portable Ice Maker Review 2
It’s not really a bad thing since having 49 pounds of ice for the whole day is still far better than most of its competitors in the market. You may just have to wait a little longer for every batch, especially when you are making large ice cubes.

2. Mid-range price
A portable ice maker of its capacity rightfully belongs to the upper $300 price range. However, it may be a bad news for consumers who want to have an ice maker but don’t have enough budget for it.
The good news is that Amazon allows 6-month financing with no interest for all Amazon.com Store Card holders. You get that big a discount, as well as one-day shipping.

This is perfect for most consumers who need a high-yield portable ice maker. This is even good enough for business uses.

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